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  • Julian Porcino

Flip the Flip | Sold

Consistency and style are key for top selling homes in a market like LA, and especially a neighborhood like Silver Lake! This beautiful property was a flip, that unfortunately missed all the marks aesthetically. So my clients were able to pick this up for a steal, and with my project management, design, styling, and sales strategy turned out a margin of $365,000 in under 2 months!

Can you believe that these walls were not white! They were PURPLE! Painting the walls white instantly changes the whole space and also shifted the hue of the wood floors, making them totally salvageable.

As always staging is curial to create the vibe and show the scale of the space. In this spacious open concept living space I was able to show more than enough room for 2 sofas and seating for at least 8!

A custom banquette allowed me to ground the dining area and create a more open feeling space while providing ample seating for a 6 person dinner party!

The kitchen was definitely the biggest transformation. I wasn't mad about the custom white shaker cabinets that were already existing, and also the functional layout of the space with the large central island. I decided to remove the upper cabinets in the right corner and replace with long floating shelves for a more open feel and to display objects that complete the vibe.

Adding wood knobs to the existing cabinetry was a huge win! Replacing knobs on existing cabinetry is one of the best ways to change up the look!

Removing the gross stainless hood that was just floating in the middle of the space and replacing it with the oak clad integrated hood was crucial to making the layout of the kitchen work while still being aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention re facing the existing island in white oak.

Staging at work, continuing the look into the beautiful master suite with tons of natural light an french doors opening onto the balcony.

The master bath was certainly in need of a transformation. The layout was great but the finishes were wrong. Re tiling the shower with a minimal stone look, plus refacing the vanity with white oak, and changing up the faucets made a world of difference!

One of the special things about this home was all of the outdoor areas,and I loved the floor tile, but the back wrought iron railings needs to go. Cutting the middle sections of the rail, painting the existing fence structure white and adding wood plus the custom tailored staging totally creates that resort feel!

Can you believe when we bought it this newly flipped house was once brown?! Sad, dark, and depressing. The fresh coat of white paint lightened it up and allowed the special features like the architectural concrete steps to stand out - one of my favorite things about the home that make it truly one of a kind!

Grass is always important, the house had none! We demoed existing hardscape to create this beautiful yard, and cleaned up the landscaping to create a vegetable garden.

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